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Paolo Cannavaro Loaned To Sassuolo Until End Of Season

Napoli's out-of-favor captain has joined the relegation-threatened side until the end of the season.

Grazie, Paolo.
Grazie, Paolo.
Giuseppe Bellini

Paolo Cannavaro has not been a frequent sight in Napoli's lineup this season, with the captain's decline in form over the last two years leaving him out of the plans of Rafa Benitez. He's played just four times for Napoli this season, and now he's off to 18th-placed Sassuolo to help try to save the struggling side from relegation.

A move away for Cannavaro has been fated for months, the only question has been where he'd wind up. Various moves to Lazio, Inter, Udinese, and even Catania have been rumored over the last few months, but none of them ever materialized. That he wound up with a club in the relegation zone is an indicator as to just how far the Italian's star has fallen.

The move hasn't been officially confirmed by either club yet, but it's been reported by pretty much every notable Italian outlet at this point, so it seems like waiting for the clubs is just a formality. While it's sad to see the captain and long time stalwart of the club move on, his talents have declined to a point where he really shouldn't have gotten much more playing time than he did. Now he's in a place where he can get more playing time, though, and hopefully he can be a hero one more time. Best of luck, Paolo.