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Sorry Spurs: Napoli lose interest in Étienne Capoue

Tottenham are going to have a tough time getting rid of Étienne Capoue, now that Napoli have decided they've got enough midfielders on their squad.

Clive Mason

Napoli have taken themselves out of the running for Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Étienne Capoue - at least, according to the update from TuttoNapoli.

This little tidbit makes plenty of sense, however. Spurs and Napoli have been haggling for weeks over a valuation of the Frenchman, with Tottenham having an inflated price set, probably due to the fact that other English clubs will often overpay in January for a man with proven Premier League experience.

But six games starting in the Premier League wasn't enough to prompt Napoli to pay more than 10m for the 25-year-old - and with Capoue slamming the English in the media this morning, Spurs are likely kicking themselves for not shipping the midfielder out when Napoli first asked.

The partenopei are no longer desperate, however. Valon Behrami will return from injury earlier than expected, and the arrival of Jorginho gives Rafa Benítez more choices in midfield. Blerim Džemaili can continue to step in, and young Josip Radošević hasn't been half-bad when he's been called into action.

So why overpay for a man that's failed to really prove himself?