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Sam Allardyce, you are a wonderful man

Pablo Armero has gone to West Ham for the rest of the season, which should keep Napoli supporters' blood pressure down.

hey everyone remember this fun moment
hey everyone remember this fun moment
Stuart Franklin

And now for the news you've all been waiting for...


Why Armero could go

If I could surround that with blinking lights and make it flash in changing colors, I would. Because this is the best news that Napoli fans could get this January 31. While we've yet to see newcomer Faouzi Ghoulam playing in a Napoli shirt, it's almost certain he'll be better than Armero.

Imagine. We'll no longer have to cringe when a relegation-threatened side funnels their attack down the right. We won't have to worry that the attack will stall going forward, with the likes of Dries Mertens or Lorenzo Insigne having to pause to let an Armero pass catch up. We won't break out in a sweat because Armero is meant to be defending, but instead is ball watching.

No, not anymore! The Colombian is off to West Ham United to help them fight against relegation. Feel free to make your own jokes in the comments.

Now crack open a bottle and let's all lift a glass. To Sam Allardyce!