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We need to talk about AC Milan

Serie A’s recent laughing stock looks a lot scarier this summer.

Hamsik celebrates a decade with Napoli

And what a decade it’s been.

Napoli need to make some tough decisions this summer

Some harsh transfer market realities means Napoli may lose a fan favorite or two.

Why I love Napoli

The Siren’s Song has gotten a refresh, and that means it’s a good time to talk about our love of this bizarre and amazing team.

How Napoli can come back and beat Real Madrid

Napoli have a tough road ahead in the Champions League, but it’s not insurmountable.

An outsider’s view on how Napoli can beat Real Madrid

Our Barcelona friend returns with some tips on how Napoli can cause an upset on Wednesday.

A rival’s eye view of Real Madrid

A Barcelona fan gives us a look at Napoli’s Champions League foes from his perspective ahead of Wednesday’s match.

Chatting with Viola Nation ahead of Coppa Italia clash with Fiorentina

Who better to talk about a match than someone who covers the team you’re facing?

A very Napoli holiday

Not a a creature was stirring, not even a Hamsik...

Real Madrid draw means Napoli face tough but not impossible Champions League road

The Champions League draw for the round of 16 could have been much kinder to Napoli, but they’re not done yet.

Previewing Napoli’s Champions League draw for the round of 16

Who can Napoli draw? Who do they need to avoid?

Have Napoli rebooted themselves or were Inter just that bad?

The old free flowing Napoli came out to play last night, but where had it been hiding for the past two months?

An Inter Q&A with Serpents of Madonnina

With Napoli facing a huge match on Friday, we have some questions we wanted answered.

Napoli facing a defining week as two huge matches approach

Napoli host Inter at home on Friday then travel to Portugal for a massive champions league game with Benfica on Tuesday.

In search of a settled defensive partnership

With five solid center backs at the club we take a look at who might be the best duo in the years to come.

Assessing Napoli’s transfers: The attack

While there were less changes here in terms of numbers, they’re the biggest of the summer.

Assessing Napoli’s transfers: The midfield

Napoli made more signings in midfield than anywhere else, completely reshaping their depth chart.

Assessing Napoli’s transfers: The defense & goalkeepers

Napoli had a busy transfer season, so it’s time to see how they did. We start with the defense, which had one big change that dramatically improves the side.

Napoli must sign a goalkeeper to challenge Pepe Reina

The Spanish goalkeeper has had a great career — but Napoli can’t rely on him to stay great any more.

Previewing Napoli in the Champions League draw

The group stage draw is finally here, and it's time to find out who Napoli will face in their return to the Champions League.

Napoli season preview: High expectations

This season is going to be a wild, wild ride.

Napoli must keep Gabbiadini & help him thrive

Who better to replace Gonzalo Higuain than someone who spent the last year and a half learning from him?

What can the Champions League draw look like for Napoli?

The Champions League group stage is going to be a tricky challenge for Napoli, so knowing what could be in store ahead of time is a valuable tool to have.

It's desperation time for Napoli

Napoli still control their destiny in the league, but there is no room for error.

Now is the time for Gabbiadini to seize his chance

This is the opportunity the striker has waited all season for.

Proposed Champions League revamp would hurt Napoli

The rules of a proposition to alter the makeup of the Champions League could have serious drawbacks for Napoli.

Hamsik & Higuain aim for Napoli records

Napoli's two most important players could both find themselves improving their place in the club's history this weekend.

Espresso with the Enemy: 3 Q's with Viola Nation

It's time to renew our friendly rivalry with one of the more fun SB Nation Soccer blogs around.

The silver lining in Europa League elimination

With Napoli's form sagging more and more over the last month, their Europa League elimination may be more blessing than curse.

Scouting Villarreal from the other side

We got a scouting report on Napoli's Europa League foes from the SB Nation blog who cover them.

Espresso With The Enemy: Chatting about Juventus

Black & White & Red All Over comes wandering over to chat about this weekend's match, which we're told is important.

Higuain will play key role as Napoli battle Juventus

Higuain is going to be the focal point of Napoli's hopes to beat Juventus this weekend.


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