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Uvini Off To Livorno On Loan

Bruno Uvini has been a non-factor at Napoli, so he's off to Livorno to gain experience.

Giuseppe Bellini

Napoli hasn't had the best record with South American signings in the last few years, and Bruno Uvini has been a poster child of that. Now he's off to Livorno for the rest of the season to prove that he belongs in Serie A, and his future with the club is almost certainly at risk after the signing of Henrique Buss.

Hailed as the next great Brazilian defender by the club when he was bought from Sao Paolo a year and a half ago, he's made a whopping two appearances for Napoli, a start against PSV in Europa last year and a few late minutes against Catania in the league this past November.

If Uvini getting loaned in January seems familiar, it's for good reason. Last year saw him shipped off to AC Siena as they tried to bolster their ailing defense, but he failed to register a single appearance for the club. Hopefully he manages to make slightly more impact on his new employers, who currently lie in 19th and have the third-worst goal differential in the league.

Uvini joins former teammate Leandro Rinaudo on Livorno's roster. Rinaudo, who has played 13 times for Livorno and scored a goal, signed with the Amaranto just before the summer deadline on a free after not playing once for Napoli in two years with the club.