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Gokhan Inler rejects Watford deal because of Fiorentina and Galatasaray interest

Inler has a preference to move to, well, anywhere but Watford, putting Napoli's deal with Udinese for Allan at risk.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Widely expected to be one of the Napoli players leaving the club this summer, Gokhan Inler has decided to be picky about where he wants to go. Originally involved in the extraordinarily complex deal for Udinese midfielder Allan, Inler has apparently rejected that offer -- which would have seen him move on loan to Premier League outfit Watford FC -- in favor of being able to more freely pick his destination.

Apparently not desiring the chance to play for a newly-promoted side, Inler instead prefers one of the other teams that have expressed an interest in him. Where previously reports had Fenerbahce potentially involved in a deal for Inler, newer rumors indicate a switch to a different side of Istanbul for the Swiss-born midfielder of Turkish descent. Galatasaray are apparently hot to trot for Inler, willing to pay between €3-4 million for him, plus a wealthy three-year contract.

Fiorentina are also looming in the picture for Inler, a team in need of central midfielders. They don't have a huge budget this summer and need a defensive midfielder or two, and apparently think Inler fits the bill. Based on his play this past season, though, it's hard to imagine him actually doing well as a more straight defensive midfielder, but hey, who knows. Maybe Paulo Sousa knows something about Inler that no one else does.

There's also a long-simmering whisper of interest from Germany, with Schalke, Dortmund, and Gladbach named once more as potential destinations, but Germany has never felt like a truly significant potential destination for Inler. Still, all three of those teams are expected to make significant changes this summer, so they can't be completely counted out.

Inler backing out of the Allan deal doesn't completely kill it, but it does mean that Napoli will have to find a new way to seal that particular deal. Either way, it looks like Inler is gone, just not to where Napoli hoped to send him.