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Napoli tell Gabbiadini's agent to shut up

"You're talking about a friendly. Not a real game, a friendly. God, why are you so stupid?"

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Shockingly, Napoli weren't so happy about the agent of Manolo Gabbiadini foaming at the mouth over his client being benched to start a recent friendly. Silvio Pagliari actually threatened to force a transfer if his client kept starting out on the bench, and Napoli decided they weren't having any of that.

Apparently they've already reached out to Pagliari in order to clarify two things -- the first is that this was a friendly. Maurizio Sarri was simply experimenting with something he hadn't seen yet in-game in order to know what all his options were. It wasn't a slight on Gabbiadini by any means. He doesn't have to fight for his spot in the team. Hell, in all likelihood, he's going to be the primary starter next to Gonzalo Higuain. Even if he isn't he's going to play a ton of minutes, because he's really freakin' good and a coach like Sarri doesn't leave really freakin' good players to rot.

The second? Despite Pagliari's hamfisted threats, Napoli have no intention of selling Gabbiadini any time soon. At all. Whatsoever.

Basically, they told him to shut the f$#% up and to get over himself. That's kinda awesome.

It should probably be noted that all this drama seems to be between agent and club, not player and club. There's no sign of any fractures in the player-club relationship, so there's no cause for alarm on that front right now. This whole mess is just his agent being a jackass and Napoli putting him in his place.