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Marek Hamsik bought a tiny, customized car, and it's adorable

How does his hair even fit in this thing?

Sometimes, athletes take life too seriously. Sometimes they do dumb things that make everyone look bad. Sometimes, though, they're silly and fun and do dumb things that make everyone look great.

Thankfully, Marek Hamsik is amazing and wonderful and all that's right with the world.

That thing is tiny. Almost a clown car. How does Hamsik fit his mohawk in there? Goodness gracious.

Still, it seems completely fitting for Hamsik and his personality. It's even got his initials and number on it, but in a sublte way that's more tasteful than the typical athlete doing something like that to scream "HEY THIS IS ME LOOK AT ME CHECK ME OUT." Coming from Hamsik, and seeing how he did it, he's probably more worried about losing it among other tiny black Fiats. Which, y'know, might be a thing to worry about. Who knows?