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Mariano Andujar wants to leave Napoli

The Argentine goalkeeper doesn't feel like he has a chance to play at Napoli, so he wants to go elsewhere this summer.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

The trouble with having a bunch of goalkeepers at the same time is that there's only so many minutes to go around, and it's harder to share time in goal than at any other position on the pitch. So with Napoli bringing in both Pepe Reina and Gabriel this summer, something had to give, and that something is Mariano Andujar.

The Argentine international is currently nursing a broken wrist, suffered while warming up for a match at the Copa America last month. That hasn't deterred him from talking to the Argentine media, though, and he doesn't sound too pleased with his situation:

I do not know if I want to stay in Naples. [The starter is] Pepe Reina, a great goalkeeper, a great name and I want to have the same continuity [in goal] as last season.

I'm considering some proposals from Europe. My idea is to return one day to Estudiantes, but they already have a good goalkeeper.

-Source: Tuttonapoli

Translation: "Please let me go. Please. Please. PLEASE. I don't want to be a backup again."

Andujar was Napoli's starting goalkeeper after Rafa Benitez elected to bury Rafael Cabral six feet under ground in January, but more often than not he was actually worse than the man he replaced. He had a few good games, make no mistake, but he gave up a ton of soft goals, and his poor decision making and terrible distribution left Napoli exposed too often.

With that in mind, you kinda have to wonder what "proposals from Europe" he has, especially as there have been zero rumors about him of late. Andujar could probably still start for some first-division teams in Spain or Italy, but he wouldn't be guaranteed starter's minutes, especially coming off a broken wrist. That's an injury that takes awhile to heal right, and with the importance of strength in that area for goalkeepers, he's not going to be at his best for a long time.

If Andujar does leave, he won't be the only Napoli keeper to depart this summer: Luigi Sepe is on loan at Fiorentina, Roberto Colombo just left on a free transfer to Cagliari, and Rafael Cabral is widely expected to spend a year on loan as well.