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Britos and Zapata join Watford and Udinese

A day after Allan signed for Napoli, the rest of that complicated transfer deal has been completed.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Allan arrived at Dimaro and signed his contract, completing his portion of the complex, three-player, three-team swap deal that allowed Napoli to land the much-needed midfielder. On Wednesday, the two Napoli players involved finalized their deals as well, with Duvan Zapata headed to Udinese, and Miguel Britos off to England to join Watford FC.

Zapata joins Udinese on a two year loan, allowing him to get plenty of playing time in a first-team squad, which is exactly what he wants and needs to become the player his talents say he can be. That wasn't going to happen at Napoli, not this year at least, so this loan helps out everyone -- keeps the player happy and playing, gives Udinese a stopgap at a position they desperately needed one in, and lets Napoli keep him and even bring him back after a year if they so choose.

Britos moves to Watford, a newly-promoted club in the English Premier League and a team also owned by Udinese's owners, the Pozzo family. While it had previously been reported that Britos would be signing with Udinese and moving to Watford, Britos is actually moving to Watford on a permanent deal and signed a three-year deal with the Hornets.

After weeks of uncertainty and having this hang over everyone's heads, it's nice to see the deal completed and everyone moving on. Hopefully it works out as well as possible for everyone -- though to be honest, it doesn't seem super likely that Britos works out especially well in the EPL. As long as he helps keep them in the first division, though, job's done.