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Gonzalo Higuain has to be restrained after fan confrontation in Ibiza

The vacationing striker probably wishes he'd just stayed in his hotel room.

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Gonzalo Higuain is currently still on vacation after playing in the Copa America, where he and Argentina went on a run to the final that ultimately fell short, with Higuain having an extraordinarily bad time with crucial moments in Argentina's penalty shootout loss to Chile. He's expected to join the Napoli squad fairly soon -- but that's not what this is about.

No, this is about something that happened during Higuain's vacation, and it's not great. He and former Napoli star Ezequiel Lavezzi -- one of Pipita's international teammates -- are in Ibiza enjoying the Balearic Sea and the local nightlife. Apparently, they were coming back from a famous local night club when things went south.

A group of football fans recognized Higuain and, as football fans are often wont to do, they started jeering at the striker, shouting that he "can't even score penalties." Apparently that pissed Higuain off something fierce, because that lead to this:

The video, first released by El Mundo in Spain, shows Pipita having to be restrained from attacking the fans, screaming obscenities and threats at them before this video was shot, and then after it started taping, he was heard yelling "delete that video or I'll rip your head off!"

That's, uh... that's not a good look, Gonzalo. Especially since the whole thing was apparently sparked by him refusing to sign an autograph, which, come on man. Apparently Lavezzi just took off once things started going south, which was the much, much smarter decision to make in that situation.