New Italian national team shirt leaks


The new Italian national team away shirt set to be used at Euro 2016 has leaked a little bit early. The shirt was meant to be debuted in August with its first use coming in September, but now it's out for the whole world to see.

And now that we've seen it, it's... something. The white-with-blue-trim motif is pretty standard for Italy's away kit, but the big blocks of blue on the shoulders and sleeves are a little jarring, as is the big stripe of tricolore down the center of the shirt. The collar is fine for me, though some people are morally against collars for some reason. Normally I like subtle pin-striping, but that super-light gray is almost too subtle.

What do you think of Italy's new away strip? Even if you hate it, hopefully we'll see plenty of Napoli players wearing it at the Euros next summer.

Source: Forza Italian Football

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