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Allan transfer finally coming to a close

Terms are agreed, players have acquiesced, and contracts are prepared. The last hurdle left? Paperwork.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

It's been a long and winding road, but it looks like Allan will soon by a Napoli player. All involved parties have been meeting and Allan himself is rumored to be en route to Dimaro as this is being typed, so a final conclusion and announcement could be made soon.

For those who have forgotten exactly what's going on in this super-complex deal, let's recap it for you:

  • Allan will join Napoli on a four-year contract, which has previously been reported to be worth around €1.5 million per year, a club-friendly sum for a player of Allan's talents.
  • Napoli will pay Udinese between €10-12 million -- reports on an exact figure are still highly variable, likely due to conflicting bonus information being provided by reporters' sources.
  • Miguel Britos will sign with Udinese on a permanent transfer and then join English club Watford FC -- also owned by the Pozzo family like Udinese -- on loan for the season while they try to stay up in the Premier League after earning promotion last season.
  • Duvan Zapata will join Udinese on a two-year loan, with Napoli holding the right to break the loan after one year.

Gokhan Inler was also supposed to be in the deal at one point in the same capacity as Britos, but he refused to move to Watford. That setback is a not-insignificant part of why the deal has taken so long to resolve.

Fans have not been happy about how long this deal has taken to complete, accusing Napoli and Aurelio De Laurentiis of being cheap or dragging their feet or any of a number of less-friendly things. That's just not true, though.

A regular transfer is already a complicated thing to get done, with any of a number of things that can go wrong and kill the deal. Turn that transfer into a player swap, and you've doubled the risk of the deal falling apart. A deal as complex as the one Napoli have put together for Allan? I've got a migraine just thinking about how insanely difficult to pull off that is.

So that it's taken time to finish shouldn't he a surprise of any kind. In fact, it's a minor miracle that it's getting finished at all. Kudos to Cristiano Giuntoli and his staff for sticking with it, patching up any problems that developed, and getting the job done.