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Napoli's Europa League schedule released

Now Napoli know where they're going to be for each European match day, and it's not the easiest schedule possible.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

With the Europa League group draw finalized and settled, the full schedule of matches has now been laid out. As part of Group D, Napoli will be playing three matches at home and three matches on the road against their opponents, though who they would play on each of the matchdays and where they'd play it was so far unknown.

Now we've got the schedule, and it could be tough on Napoli.

Date Opponent Venue
Sept. 17 Club Brugge Home
Oct. 1 Legia Warsaw Away
Oct. 22 FC Midtjylland Away
Nov. 5 FC Midtjylland Home
Nov. 26 Club Brugge Away
Dec. 10 Legia Warsaw Home

The first match is potentially tricky for Napoli. Brugge are their hardest group stage opponents, and while the match will be played in Naples, it's also just a few days before a difficult match against Lazio in the league. The away trip to Legia Warsaw in Poland is also difficult, as it's sandwiched between matches against Juventus and AC Milan. The long trip to Denmark on October 1st comes right after a match against Fiorentina, but Napoli's next league tilt is against Chievo, so that could be a lot worse.

Down the stretch of the group, things get a little interesting. The home match against Midtjylland is fairly straightforward, between matches against Genoa and Udinese. The trip to Brugge in Belgium, though, is after a road match against Hellas Verona and before a home tilt against Inter. That's trickier. Hopefully the finale against Legia at home won't have much on the line, because it's coming right before the first Derby del Sole against Roma, and that's not something Napoli are going to want to mess around with.