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Napoli unveil gray "Kombat" away shirt from Kappa

Napoli's final shirt for the season has finally been revealed -- and it actually looks pretty good.

It looks a lot better than these do, to be honest.
It looks a lot better than these do, to be honest.
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

We've been waiting for a few weeks now to see what Napoli's away shirt for the season would be. The club already revealed their home strip and third kits before the Nice and Porto friendlies, but even with two Serie A matches in the books, we had yet to get a glimpse of the away shirt that Kappa made for the club for this year's campaign. Now it's finally here, and you know what, it ain't half bad.

It follows the same pattern as the azzurri home kit and the red thirds: a solid color with solid banded trim, with a slightly high collar over an almost v-neck plunge of the trim beneath it. The body on this shirt is a deep gray, and unlike reservations for the looks of the other two shirts, it actually works for this one. That dark-colored body with the traditional Napoli blue trim just looks solid compared to the other two shirts, even if it's not any different in terms of the overall style.

The shirt is part of Kappa's "Kombat" series, and also has additional details like precision-designed air ventilation on the sides, specific cuts to the shirts to allow it to stay tight without restricting freedom of movement, blah blah fancy design jargon meant to make you think it's high tech blah. It's still a Kappa shirt, so it might not be quite the same quality as you may be used to from Nike or Adidas -- or even Macron, to be honest -- but it's a good-looking shirt, and it wouldn't be shocking if this one out-sells both the home and away kits. It's really hard to go wrong with a clean-looking dark gray shirt, and Kappa certainly didn't screw this one up.