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Agent: De Guzman "not interested" in Bournemouth move.


Dino Panato/Getty Images

Hello, frustration: after Jonathan De Guzman mysteriously missed his flight to England on Monday, Napoli and AFC Bournemouth were left scrambling for answers as to what happened. The midfielder was supposed to have a medical ahead of finalizing a loan move to the Premier League for the upcoming season.

The deal had been completely agreed, with even De Guzman signing off on his end of things before supposedly heading to the airport. He never got on his flight, though, and didn't bother to tell anyone, leaving Bournemouth officials who were supposed to pick him up at Heathrow befuddled.

Now De Guzman's agent has spoken, and to be honest, it hasn't cleared the air any. In a brief statement, he simply said that De Guzman "is not interested" in a move to Bournemouth right now -- but that only raises a further question:

Why did De Guzman agree to a move he wasn't interested in?!

This is so incredibly frustrating. De Guzman has nuked three transfers at or near this stage just in the last month. He doesn't seem to care that he doesn't have a role at Napoli and that not playing for half a season before the transfer window reopens will hurt his career.

The English transfer window is still open until 7 p.m. CET (1 p.m. ET), so there's still some time to figure out a move if one can be done -- but it sure looks like De Guzman's going to be hanging around for a few more months.