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Jonathan De Guzman bails on yet another transfer

The midfielder didn't get on his flight to England, likely scuttling an agreed transfer to Bournemouth.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Jonathan De Guzman was all set to sign with Bournemouth, one of the newly-promoted teams in the English Premier League. The deal was agreed, contract terms had been talked, and a medical was scheduled. All he had to do was get on an airplane and get picked up by Bournemouth officials, and he'd be with a new team that actually wants him, unlike Napoli.

He didn't do that.

Apparently, De Guzman never got on his flight, because with Bournemouth reps showed up at the airport, he wasn't on the plane. There's still time to sort out whatever he decided he didn't like about the deal -- England's transfer deadline isn't until Tuesday thanks to a bank holiday -- but this now makes the third transfer in the last month that Napoli has had in place for De Guzman that he's blown up at the last minute.

He had a transfer all lined up with Olympique Marseille, even after Marcelo Bielsa ran away from the club. The teams were booking a flight for him when he changed his mind. Then Napoli lined up a move to send De Guzman to Sunderland. Everything had been agreed, though at least this time he didn't wait for travel to be booked for that one.

Now he had a loan set up with Bournemouth, a club where he would likely have been a nailed-on starter. It was a loan with an option to buy that became mandatory after a certain number of starts. It looked like a gorgeous deal for De Guzman. But he never got on the plane.

Honestly, this schtick is getting old. He has no role at Napoli. Sarri doesn't want him, the fans don't want him -- there's nothing holding De Guzman to Naples. At all.

There's talk that HSV in Germany might want him, the same club that took on Valon Behrami a year ago -- who then left them this summer after another poor season -- but there's been no talk on that front for the last day or so. Hopefully something gets resolved, because good god this is annoying.