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"Armero is ready for the new adventure"

Pablo Armero looks set to join Premier League side West Ham United. If the paperwork goes through, that is...

Dino Panato

It seems this rumor might actually be true: Pablo Armero may very well be on his way to West Ham United. And you have to love Google Translate, which is telling us that "Armero is ready for the new adventure."


It's not as though Armero is having much of an adventure in Naples at the moment. Ever since the victory in Verona, the Colombian has been nowhere to be seen. Why not go to London and help West Ham dig themselves out of a hole? Or at least get Sam Allardyce sacked?

According to reports Armero has passed his medical. There's just one more hitch - he needs a visa in order to join the Irons. And in England, that's not always the easiest thing to obtain. Other than that, though, it looks like the deal is all sewn up and Napoli may be able to move on with their lives. Probably with plenty of repressed memories.

It might be worth noting that Napoli haven't won a league match without Armero in 2014. This is clearly a case of causation and we should all panic on the fact that the left back is leaving.