Higuain: An Appreciation


Best call is the last one: "Non e vero! Non e vero!". I dare any fan to watch this and *not* smile.

Jose Callejon spins around on a minibike, is adorable


That's certainly one way to keep yourself entertained after being left at home for the international break. Ziggy, you are too adorable.

Maurizio Sarri doesn't seem to care about being sent off


Only in Italy will a manage who got kicked out of the game be spotted smoking in the stands a few minutes later.

Guys, really, don't fall asleep around Pepe Reina


Will they never learn? Young Nathaniel Chalobah is Pepe Reina's latest sleep-shaming victim, with Gonzalo Higuain joining in on the punishment this time. And yes, we see you lurking, Marek. Nice glasses.

The mother of Nathaniel Chalobah passes away


Nathaniel Chalobah is away from Napoli for the worst possible reason of all: his mother passed away back home in England. Chalobah left the team on Friday to be with her, and news came on Saturday that she had passed.

Our thoughts are with Nathaniel and his family in this terrible time.

Happy birthday, Maurizio Sarri!


Napoli's manager is 57 years young today, and will be hoping to celebrate his birthday with a big win over Frosinone. Hopefully the Napoli players have a huge day and give him exactly what he wants today, and don't force him to smoke any more than he actually wants to.

Maurizio Sarri was sent off for stepping onto pitch


While Giampiero Ventura earned his early exit for punching his bench and screaming at referee Marco Di Bello, Maurizio Sarri was apparently dismissed for daring to take one step onto the pitch.

I guess that means Max Allegri won't be able to take his ten-yard sojurns into midfield anymore, eh?

Torino try to taunt Napoli with Captain's armband


That captain's armband that Kamil Glik will be wearing, with an image of a bull attacking a donkey, two of the symbols of the clubs, is Torino's attempt at poking Napoli in the eye for this match. Someone should probably tell them that pissing off this team is a really bad idea.

Allan caught napping on the Napoli team bus


Napoli's flight to Denmark for their Europa League match against FC Midtjylland was delayed by plane troubles, meaning that Napoli's bus trip to the airport was late as well. Apparently that was problematic for Allan, who quite literally got caught napping by his teammates, who appear quite amused by the situation.

Pro tip, Allan: never, ever, ever be the first one to fall asleep. He'll be lucky if this picture is the worst thing that happened to him.