Christian Maggio shows how not to mark a runner


This is, simply put, dire "marking" from Maggio on the second goal scored by Sassuolo on Sunday. He's starting way too central, then only takes one half-glance over his shoulder to see where Sansone is -- and doesn't really react to Sansone's far-post run. There's no near-post pressure that he has to worry about, because Raul Albiol is right there and no other Sassuolo attackers are within 20 yards when they enter the box.

It gets worse when, once the two actually get kind of close, Maggio doesn't bother to check again and actually moves away from Sansone, clearing the way for the Sassuolo attacker to sidestep to the far post for that cross.

We're just going to ignore Maggio getting in Reina's way as he tried to come across to cover the shot, because GOD WHY.

Napoli fans are not making a good impression in France


Seriously? Setting crap on fire in a foreign country is what you're going to do when you're acting as ambassadors of the club and the fanbase? These so-called "Ultras" are doing nothing but tarnish everyone's reputation by doing crap like this. This is a disgrace.

Elseid Hysaj undergoing Napoli medical


He's also been included in Napoli's friendly squad to face Nice on Sunday, so the official announcement of his purchase should come shortly.

Napoli to open season at Sassuolo


We'll have a post with the full schedule later, but for now it's been announced that Napoli will start the season on the road against Sassuolo. The rest of the schedule is being unveiled right now, and there should be some big fixtures getting announced soon.

Gonzalo Higuain arrives at Napoli training


That's a touching moment of greeting between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Gonzalo Higuain. The striker was originally expected back at the end of the week, but with contract negotiations underway, he decided first to return Monday, then moved it up further to Sunday night.

That must mean negotiations are going well, right?

Gabriel greets Napoli fans for the first time


This is our first image of new Napoli loan signing Gabriel wearing the azzurri shirt, and it's a nice first look. He greeted fans in Dimaro after training today, and

There *is* such a thing as bad press.


Though like many others, I think that the Lavezzi pass was as tough a pass to handle as any.

Happy Birthday, Duvan Zapata!


Today is Duvan Zapata's 24th birthday! No, this is not an April Fool's gag, the team really did give him a surprise birthday celebration after training. Sometimes people are awesome. Auguri, Duvan!

Napoli arrives in Turkey


Looks like Napoli's players are in Trabzon ahead of their Europa League match against Trabzonspor. I kind of want Dries Mertens' coat, though I'd need a larger size since I'm almost a foot taller than he is.

Camilo Zuniga is looking healthier


El tiempo de DIOS es perfecto "" ⚽️la gloria es tuya señor"⚽️تتب1⃣8⃣⚽️

A video posted by Camilo Zuñiga (@camilozuniga18) on

Compared to video clips we got right after Christmas, Camilo Zuniga is looking much quicker and healthier than he did a month ago. Hopefully this means those reports that he could be back in early to mid February have some truth to them.