ADL spits hot fire at Rafa Benitez


"We've now entered a new era.

"[Rafa] Benitez is part of a very distant past -- he's Napoli football history. See how different I am from other presidents? He hasn't lasted anywhere else -- with us, I made him last two years. I always honour my promises!"


It's maybe a bit subtle, but man is that a heck of a burn on Rafa.

Albiol speaks after Spain loses


Raul Albiol on Spain and his inclusion in the national team: "Alcuni si domandano cosa ci faccio in nazionale? Non mi interessa del parare delle persone, nel bene e nel male. Io ho sempre dato il massimo, giorno per giorno." (Some people wonder what I'm doing in the national team? I do not care about the opinion of the people, for better or worse)