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Napoli considering signing Francesco Lodi

The free kick specialist is available on a free after Catania let him go last month, and Napoli are thinking of snapping him up.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Napoli very publicly failed to secure the midfielder they apparently felt they need at the transfer deadline, when their efforts to bring Roberto Soriano from Sampdoria died when the transfer window closed. That doesn't mean that Napoli magically feel they still need a midfielder in that mold, though, so they've gone looking for one on the free agent market -- and it looks like they've found one.

They've been linked to free agent midfielder Francesco Lodi, who was released by Catania last week after they failed to sell him, knowing that they couldn't really afford pay his contract or keep him happy in Serie B. Lodi had made a name for himself with Catania as a free kick specialist earlier in the decade, sometimes rivaling even Andrea Pirlo in the quality and conversion rates of his work in dead-ball situations. He spent last season on loan with Parma, where he played decently in 23 league matches even while that unfortunate club disintegrated under the weight of massive financial issues.

While not exactly an inspiring figure, Lodi would be a good signing for Napoli. He'd be a very useful backup and situational substitute, and would presumably be on fairly low wages for Napoli. At 31 and having typically played in the lower reached of the Serie A table, he's not going to wow you or make a huge impact, but he'll do his job and be professional and help get Napoli through until the winter transfer window opens up and they can bring in another midfielder, be that Soriano or someone else.

The move wouldn't impact Napoli's current squad structure much -- they wouldn't need him in the Europa League, and they still have a spot open on their Serie A squad. Since he's out of contract, he can be signed outside the normal transfer window and registered right away. Simple, clean, painless. Just make it happen.