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Lorenzo Inisgne pledges to shave his beard if Napoli win the Serie A title

Napoli's favorite son has put his beard on the line if Napoli win the Scudetto.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Despite the slow start to the season, some pundits are still putting Napoli forward as something of a dark hose contender for the Serie A title. Their chances in the Scudetto race are seemingly helped by Juventus' even slower start, as the four-time defending champs shockingly lost both of their first two matches.

While pundits have mostly been talking about concentrating on Champions League qualification when asked -- that's a much more realistic goal for the moment -- that doesn't mean that all the questions about Napoli's standing in the title race are going unanswered, as Radio Kiss Kiss managed to pin Lorenzo Insigne down to answer some questions.

Most of what he said was fairly tame, noting that Juventus lost some important players and are making a big transition, and that Roma made a number of squad changes as well. He never seriously committed to the idea of Napoli being a contender, but he did drop this gem:

"If we win [the Scudetto], I'll shave my beard!"

Yes, Insigne's famous beard, which variously goes from well-trimmed to "oh wow that's a new way to define scruffy," is now officially on the line. If Napoli win Serie A, it goes away. He already shaved his head after Napoli's season-opening loss, and some thought his beard might follow suit after the Sampdoria draw, but apparently Insigne has special plans for the day his beard goes away.

Let's just hope he continues to trim it now and then before that day. We don't need hockey-esque "playoff beard" action. Insigne's also not the only one putting folicles on the line, with Marek Hamsik putting up his iconic mohawkagainst a potential Serie A title back in August.

Insigne also confirmed his undying commitment to the club, despite rampant transfer interest and his agent being a berk, declaring that the only club he wants to play for is Napoli. He even poked a little fun at Juventus, saying that the fan in him hoped they stayed at the bottom of the table even if the player knows that they won't, which enraged Juve fans. That's always fun.