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Napoli unveil 2015/16 Kappa home kit

Napoli's home kit has finally been revealed, and its ... a kit.

SSC Napoli official site

Early Saturday morning, Napoli kicked off the day by finally giving us a solid teaser of what the new home shirt would look like. Napoli's iconic blue shirt is being made by Kappa for the first time in years after a long spell with Macron as the manufacturer, and many have been wondering what the end result would be.

The first teaser was ... not so promising.

Then, finally, we were given a full look at the kit in this release video. The video itself is absolutely fantastic, emphasizing the link between club and city. The kit? Eh.

napoli 15-16 home kit

Source: SSC Napoli official site

In short, it's a typical Kappa kit. It's boring, both in design and execution. There's nothing truly offensive about it --though the weird chunky white collar isn't stellar -- but it's not particularly inspiring or interesting about it. It's just there.

Hopefully the second and third kits are an improvement, though I wouldn't hold your breath. Kappa doesn't exactly have a stellar history for high-quality kits.