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Napoli debut new away kits, and they are screaming red

At least they're not denim? Or Camo?

SSC Napoli official twitter

Napoli are about to play Porto in a pre-season friendly, but that's not the only notable thing happening -- they're also debuting their new away kits as provided by Kappa, and they're ... well, they're something.

Just look up there. See those huge swaths of red fabric? Yeah, Napoli are wearing those. Take a minute to adjust, we'll wait.

Now, red's not a totally unknown color for Napoli to wear on an alternate shirt. Even that just-off-primary red is pretty similar to some Napoli shirts we've seen in the past. But it's also not a color that ever going to not be jarring to see on a team we're used to seeing in light blue, especially when that same light blue is used on the trim of the shirt.

We'll have to see how it looks when Napoli actually wear them later on, but in the moment of revelation I'm skeptical. Let's just hope they never, ever, EVER wear them with blue shorts or blue socks. That would look horrid.