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Sepp Blatter retains FIFA presidency

Despite the ongoing corruption scandal and a wave of support backing Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, Sepp Blatter has won re-election as the president of FIFA.

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

It had been hoped by some that in the wake of the current corruption scandal involving bribery and vote-buying, Sepp Blatter might finally be toppled from his throne. The long-serving president of FIFA faced a growing threat from his only candidate, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan, after a number of countries and informal voting blocs flipped to the younger, reform-promising candidate.

Unfortunately, the support won by Prince Ali was not enough to win the election. He earned 73 votes in the initial round of voting, enough to keep Sepp Blatter from earning the 140 votes for the two-thirds supermajority needed to win outright. The second round didn't happen after Prince Ali gracefully withdrew from the election process.

Blatter will serve four further years as the FIFA president, despite the ongoing scandal and his promise to not stand for reelection in 2011. Hopefully we'll see some positive change in the next few years, but ... don't hold your breath.

Anyone hoping that this scandal might see one or both of the questionably-awarded World Cups coming up be moved, well, that's not happening.