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Watch: Napoli have a chance at Champions League football thanks to offsides Roma goal

Napoli's chances at the Champions League may have just been saved by an offside goal from AS Roma:

That's Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa heading in the winning goal late in the match against Lazio, but he and virtually every other Roma player involved in the free were well offside. Fortunately for Napoli, the flag stayed down, and for once in their lives Napoli fans are not only celebrating a Roma goal, but they're benefiting from an offside goal.

What a world.

This sets up a winner-take-all bout between Napoli and Lazio next weekend. If Napoli win, their head-to-head advantage against Lazio gives them a spot in the Champions League Playoff round next season. As the partenopei found out in August, though, that's not a guarantee of reaching the promised land of group stage -- and the significant financial benefits therein -- but it's a sight better chance than Napoli would have had otherwise.

One more win, Napoli. Please.