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Please help out Napoli: Lazio vs. Roma open thread

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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

So Napoli have doomed themselves to AS Roma needing to win today. That's neat. If Lazio earn as much as one point, Napoli are out of the Champions League running. So please, Roma, win. Force a few Lazio red cards. Just be helpful to us for once. We won't say bad things about you for a week, we promise.

OK, fine, a day.

Of course, if Roma want to piss off Napoli, they could find themselves conveniently settling for a draw, since they know going in to the match that Napoli are screwed if that happens. This is the exact scenario Aurelio De Laurentiis wanted to avoid when he requested -- and was denied -- that Napoli's match against Juventus be moved to this same time slot. Good times.

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