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Napoli may be closing on transfer as Porto remove Héctor Herrera from their squad list

Things may be in motion to get the deal finished off.

FC Porto updated their web site over the weekend, removing something that has a lot of fans standing up and paying attention: Héctor Herrera.

porto squad list

As you can see, they've pulled the Mexico international midfielder from their public squad list, a normally unusual step considering that Herrera still has a couple years left on his contract. With Napoli in hot pursuit of the midfielder, this could be a sign that a deal is close to completion, and that Herrera could soon be Naples-bound.

It's not a certainty, of course -- the only sure thing here is that Porto apparently no longer consider Herrera to be part of the team, strongly implying he'll soon be leaving. Napoli are the team that have been most heavily linked to the midfielder, though, and are the only ones believed to have made a firm offer of late.

At last report, the two teams were close -- Porto had moved down to a demand of €25 million, while Napoli were still standing at an offer of €20 million plus at least €3 million more in bonuses. That's not a long bridge to cross, and with this new development, it's looking a lot like this deal could be finished in a hurry.