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Napoli and Sunderland reportedly agree €1.4 million Emanuele Giaccherini transfer

An announcement making the deal official should come soon.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

On Tuesday came word that Napoli had agreed to personal terms with Emanuele Giaccherini. On Wednesday comes work that they have agreed with Sunderland to a transfer worth a little over €1.4 million, with contracts exchanged and confirmation expected to come soon.

The deal, which will include a three year, €1.5 million per season contract for Giaccherini, brings Napoli an experienced and talented attacking midfielder to aid their depth and rotation coming into the Champions League. While Giaccherini lacks the star power and overwhelming talent that many Napoli fans seek, his experience, versatility, and ability to help the attack off the bench will be valuable for the club in the coming season.

The transfer is, in terms of value, absolutely dirt-cheap. In a market where teams are spending €15 million or more to put players on their bench, Napoli secured a player who gives them a backup for Marek Hamsik, impact off the bench, and the ability to fill a slot in the rotation for a tenth of that amount. He also brings Champions League experience to a team that needs more of it. It's a no-risk move for Napoli, because even if he fails utterly their financial outlay is negligible.

It also leaves them plenty of room to work with financially to bring in a Roberto Pereyra or other similar player and not have to worry about spending too much on one position. It is, in so many ways, a smart transfer, helping Napoli now, and allowing them to help themselves in the future. It's not quite official yet, but once it is we will be more than willing to welcome Emanuele Giaccheini to Napoli.