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Tragedy strikes: Napoli fan dies of heart attack in Russia

One of the leaders in the Napoli fanbase passed away today while in Russia to watch the team play in the Europa League.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

This is the kind of news that no one behind a keyboard ever wants to type. While in Moscow to cheer on Napoli in their all-important match against Dynamo Moscow, one of the leaders of the Napoli fanbase, Pasquale D'Angelo, suffered a heart attack and passed away. He was 55 years old.

D'Angelo a long-time capo of one of the major Napoli fan societies in the Curva B of the San Paolo. He was by all accounts an incredibly dedicated fan whose support knew no bounds. According to one scribe writing in his memory, D'Angelo had a friendship with Diego Maradona while the legendary Argentine was in Naples, and even attended all of the club's court sessions during the club's bankruptcy. It sounds as though D'Angelo was a much-loved man, by family, friends, and throughout Napoli's fanbase.

We at The Siren's Song extend our sincerest condolences to D'Angelo's family and friends in this difficult time. Riposa en pace, Pasquale.