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Tonight, we are Dortmund fans

Because we want Juventus to lose, no matter what.

Pick yourself up and go score a hat trick, you glorious little man.
Pick yourself up and go score a hat trick, you glorious little man.
Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Some would say it would be good for Serie A and Italy if Juventus win tonight. Advancing to the Champions League quarter finals would be good for Italy's UEFA coefficient, helping boost their chances of soon getting a fourth Champions League spot. Plus it would help improve Italy's image as a competitive nation in Europe, helping bring more top players to Serie A.

Bugger all that, I say.

As a Napoli fan, I hate Juventus. Chances are, if you're a fan of any non-Juve club in Serie A, you hate them too. At best, you actively don't give a crap about anything good that happens to them. The worse they do, the more embarrassed they are at a given result, the happier I am.

So I, for one, will be rooting for Borussia Dortmund tonight. Not just to overturn the 2-1 scoreline currently standing against them in this tie, but to beat the snot out of Juventus. We want a Marco Reus hat trick, to see Mats Hummels dominate Carlos Tevez, to see Henrikh Mkhitaryan run circles around Claudio Marchisio. We want Buffon getting crossed up by Aubemayeng, Evra left in the dust by Kampl, Vidal battered by Bender.

Go out there and win, Dortmund. Go forth and make two nations proud.

Heja BVB.