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Gonzalo Higuain pounces on Juventus mistake to make it 2-0 Napoli

A terrible pass from Hernanes gifted Napoli their second goal, which Higuain was too happy to take.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Juventus' passing at the back had been shaky all day long, thanks in part to the bizarre decision to start Hernanes as a de facto regista, a position he's never really played before and is much deeper on the pitch than he's typically comfortable playing. In the second half, he lazily rolled a pass off to his right that found Gonzalo Higuain instead of one of his teammates, and this happened:

Credit: user meho7 on r/soccer

That is a nice finish to beat Buffon, but the work leading up to the finish is frankly the best part. This maybe isn't a highlight-reel goal, but it's one well worth enjoying all the same.

Sadly, Juventus would score just a short time afterwards to make it 2-1, but hey, Napoli are still ahead.