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Lorenzo Insigne gets positive injury news, no knee damage

After many feared something more serious after Insigne suffered a knee injury, the initial diagnosis is a relief.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Lorenzo Insigne celebrated his 100th Serie A appearance with a fantastic goal against Juventus in the first half of what wound up as a 2-1 win for Napoli, but he had to leave the match before that half was over. With Insigne limping heavily and clutching at the same knee that he tore up a season ago, Napoli fans waited with their hearts in their mouths for any news.

The news is in -- and you can breathe easy.

Insigne suffered a bone bruise to his right knee, which, while an unpleasant and painful injury, is not a serious one in any way. In fact, as of right now there aren't even further tests planned for the Italian forward, which is about as good a sign for his health as you could ask for.

Insigne was spotted returning to the bench during the second half of Napoli's win, which was in and of itself a relief to see, but this news only further improves the mood of the Napoli fanbase. Saturday's win would have been a bittersweet one if it came at the cost of another long-term injury to Insigne, who has been in fantastic form in his last few matches.

Insigne will almost certainly for Napoli's Europa League match in Poland on Thursday, and we probably won't see him against Milan next weekend either. It'd be nice to have him for that match at the San Siro, but if his fitness is uncertain at all, it'd be better to play it safe than risking his health.