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Marek Hamsik and Gonzalo Higuain aim for Napoli record books against Palermo

Napoli's two most important players could both find themselves improving their place in the club's history this weekend.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

When Napoli take the field against Palermo on Sunday, there's a very good chance that we see a fair amount of history made. Both Marek Hamsik and Gonzalo Higuain are in line to hit some very auspicious marks that will forever see them remembered in Napoli's record books, and we could see several major milestones reached in one single game.

Only one of those history-making moments is guaranteed. As long as Hamsik plays -- and barring a late injury he's a lock to start -- he will make his 310th appearance in Serie A, equaling longtime defender Moreno Ferrario's third-place standing in Napoli's records. Ahead of him are midfielder Antonio Juliano, who had 355 Serie A appearances for the partenopei, and defender Giuseppe Bruscelotti, who suited up 387 times for Napoli in Italy's top division.

As if that's not enough, Hamsik is just one goal away from another major mark. With 80 career league goals, Hamsik is just one behind Diego Maradona's 81 Serie A tallies, the club record in the modern era. Their all-time Serie A goalscoring leader is Antonio Vojak, who scored 102 league goals between 1929 and 1935. Considering what Maradona means to Napoli's fans and the club's history, Hamsik equaling his career goalscoring mark would be absolutely huge for making his place in the club's lore.

That's not the only goalscoring record we could see fall this weekend, either. Gonzalo Higuain currently stands at 26 league goals so far this season -- that's three behind the stunning 26 Napoli fans saw Edinson Cavani score in the 2012/13 season. Pipita broke a long cold spell with a goal in each of his last two games, so if he really is starting to heat back up, a hat trick against Palermo's struggling defense to equal that record is far from out of the question.

That's a lot of history we could see get made this weekend. If you can record this game, you just might want to in order to keep a hold of it, because you don't get to see many days quite as important as this one could me.