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Napoli enjoy some rain puddle antics in training

You've got to love how much fun this team has.

It was a rainy day at the Castel Volturno facility Napoli train at, and as it tends to happen when it rains, puddles started to form out on the pitch. And, well, we know how this team feels about puddles.

That's Lorenzo Insigne, Marek Hamsik, Jose Callejon, Gonzalo Higuain, Nathaniel Chalobah, and David Lopez all acting like six year olds and going sliding through the puddle, because it was there and why not. It rained, therefore they slide. I mean, the team worked hard in training, they'd finally gotten a win. They earned the chance to screw around and blow off steam. And get wet, apparently.

This team is silly and wonderful and fun and amazing. It's little wonder that they're so easy to love, because their enthusiasm and pure joy is something we just don't see enough of in modern football.