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Gonzalo Higuain breaks the Serie A goalscoring record with an incredible volley

With his first hat trick of the season, Gonzalo Higuain has beaten Gunnar Nordahl's single-season scoring mark that has stood for 67 years.

Tonight, we have seen history. Gonzalo Higuain has beaten the single-season scoring record in Serie A, scoring his first hat trick of the year and his 34th, 35th, and 36th goals of the season against Frosinone. That puts him past Gunnar Nordahl, one of the biggest legends of Serie A history, who scored that remarkable figure of 35 goals all the way back in 1950. The best part? The goal that broke the record was absolutely incredible.

Just a jaw-dropping goal, and one that might go down as the goal of the season in Serie A. And the celebrations -- wow. The joy on Higuain's face, the joy on his teammates' faces, and the joy on Sarri's face were all wonderful to see, but the absolute roaring delight of the crowd made the moment all the more special. It was an incredible moment, a place in history that few get to enjoy or experience. Treasure this memory, folks. You just witnessed something so, so special.

That's the strike that tied the record, and while it was nothing fancy it was a goal typical of Pipita's career, one in which he has become one of the finest goal poachers in Europe.  In fact, the finish was very similar to his first goal of the match.

It's remarkable to see Higuain score like this, especially after his struggles late last season and into the summer. It seemed like he was lost after his miserable Copa America run with Argentina, but once he got rolling this season with Napoli he just never really stopped. That he beat Nordahl's record is nothing short of awe-inspiring -- many had thought that no one would ever even meet the legendary Swede's 67 year old record.

Now Gonzalo Higuain will forever be a part of Serie A history. Congratulations, Pipita. You more than earned it.