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Marek Hamsik scores crucial goal to put Napoli ahead

Napoli's captain just put them back in second place in Serie A.

Napoli had slipped to third place in the standings after Roma took a 1-0 lead over Milan, while they themselves struggled to break down 10-man Frosinone. That's when Marek Hamsik, captain extraordinaire, stepped up to do the job himself.

The relief and joy in the stands was palpable as the San Paolo exploded in celebration. That was a huge goal, one of the biggest of Hamsik's illustrious career in azzurri. He's scored much prettier goals, to be sure, but few, if any, have been more important as this one, the one that put Napoli back in second place in Serie A, hopefully to stay.

Bless you, Marekiaro. Our love for you only grows.