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Allan finishes off lovely setup to level with Empoli

Marek Hamsik and Manolo Gabbiadini set this up beautifully, but it was Allan finishing it off.

Getty Images/Getty Images

Napoli needed a goal early in the second half, and thanks to Marek Hamsik, Manolo Gabbiadini, and Allan, they got exactly that 50 minutes into the match.

Sadly the vine doesn't show it, but the passing to set Allan up is sublime. While Gabbiadini officially gets the assist, the silky little pass from Hamsik right before it cannot be overlooked. The weight and placement were perfect, and it helped pull the attention of the defense more central, allowing Allan the space he needed to make that back post run. Allan still had a fair bit to do to get his shot around a well-positioned Skorupski in goal, but he got what he needed, even if the finish wasn't picture perfect.

More of that please, Napoli. And maybe less crap defending along with it.