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Napoli loan Jonathan De Guzman to Carpi

Good riddance.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Napoli's most annoying story of the season is gone, at least for the next few months. Jonathan De Guzman has joined Carpi on loan for the remainder of the season, meaning that the eternal headache that he creates is someone else's problem for awhile.

De Guzman famously blew up three separate transfers last summer, including skipping out on a flight to England to have a medical with Bournemouth -- without telling anyone he was skipping it -- eventually leading to a training altercation with Napoli sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli. He had another move to Bournemouth agreed and set up for the current transfer window, but elected to have groin surgery instead. Bournemouth, understandably, decided to walk away from the deal, leaving the Dutch international's status in limbo.

Swansea City, the team where De Guzman's career had found its best success, showed some interest in bringing him in on loan, but it was tentative at best. De Guzman had to go somewhere if he wanted to, you know, play at all this season, and midfielder-needy Carpi stepped up.

Just please keep him away from Eddy Gnahore. We don't need De Guzman badmouthing the club some more to someone they actually care about.