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Jonathan De Guzman has surgery, takes swipe at Napoli

This guy is seriously annoying.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Just seeing the name Jonathan De Guzman probably makes most Napoli fans cringe at this point. Not only was he terrible for most of his time with the club last season, he blew up several transfer deals last season, including no-showing for a medical he had agreed to with Bournemouth.

That incident lead to him being dropped from the team completely -- though he was almost certainly out of the plans anyways -- and eventually another move to Bournemouth was set up for this month. It was set up, at least, until De Guzman's agent intimated that his client might be having a mysterious surgery instead of changing clubs. Now it looks like that surgery has actually happened, with De Guzman using the opportunity to take a shot at his employers at the same time.

I finally got what I needed! It's crazy how someone can put your career on hold for such a long time! Thanks to Dr. Muschaweck and her wonderful team for making this possible!❤️ #karmaisabitch

Seriously? Napoli gave you chance after chance after chance to carry on your career somewhere else after they decided you weren't in their plans. You are the one who put your career on hold, not Napoli. Any bitchy karma is 100% on you.

For those wondering, some quick research reveals that Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck is a German surgeon who specializes in hernia repairs. So at least now we know why he's screwing things up this time.

Just go away, De Guzman. Please.