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Gokhan Inler is in the Allan deal, and he may be holding it up

Despite an earlier report that only Miguel Britos was moving to Watford via Udinese, Inler is indeed in the complicated swap move and may be keeping an agreement from happening just yet.

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Napoli are closing in for a deal to acquire Allan, a complicated effort involving multiple players and even a third team in Udinese's English partner club Watford FC. Today, though, the status of that deal looks a little rocky thanks to one player that we weren't sure if he was even in the deal a day ago: Gokhan Inler.

According to reports early on Saturday, Inler is involved in this massive, team-reshaping move to help Napoli sign Allan -- but he's not sure that he wants to be. The Swiss international apparently isn't certain that moving to Watford with Miguel Britos is the right move for him, and to be honest, it's not hard to see his concerns.

The pace and power of the Premier League is on a very different level from Serie A, and with Inler already slowing down some over the last two years -- he just turned 31 after all -- there's a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not he'd be able to keep up. Seeing as he'd be Watford's best midfielder when compared to their current crop, there'd be a lot of weight and expectation on Inler to succeed, and he might not be willing to do that if he's not sure that he -- or the team -- are good enough to do the job in the Premier League.

Where things go from here is a mystery. While it sounds like the teams involved are all more or less agreed on the deal, all the players have to agree as well or the whole thing is off until the teams can come to a new arrangement . That's why deals this complex are so hard to pull off. Hopefully either Inler changes his mind -- an increase in his wage offer might be helpful, Udinese -- or new transfer terms are easy to come to. If this winds up keeping Allan from joining Napoli ... well, that would be very bad and very annoying.