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Borussia Dortmund striker Ciro Immobile may be off the market

According to Immobile's agent, Borussia Dortmund are no longer considering any potential transfer of the striker.

Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Napoli fans have been dreaming of Ciro Immobile coming home to Naples for a long time, and for awhile this summer, it looked like it would happen. He wanted out of Borussia Dortmund, they seemed open to the idea, and oh look Napoli are trying to bring in more Italian talent. It all made a whole lot of sense.

Reality, apparently, doesn't care about sense: according to Immobile's agent, it looks like the striker has been taken off the market.

I think Borussia Dortmund have taken Ciro off the market. We haven’t had any contact with [any team].

-Marco Sommella on Lady Radio, via Tuttonapoli

It's unfortunate, but as long as Napoli find a way to keep Gonzalo Higuain, it's far from a killer loss. As things stand, Immobile would have been a backup in Naples, probably not something he would have wanted or enjoyed. Hopefully Thomas Tuchel gets Immobile turned around and back in to his best form after his first season in Germany didn't go so well. He's a talented player who deserves success, be that in Naples or elsewhere.