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Ciro Immobile: "I'd love to wear the Napoli shirt"

After his agent said his client would love to play for Napoli, now Immobile himself has declared his desire to come home.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

In recent weeks, there's been a clamoring among Napoli fans to bring a certain local lad home. Well, ladies and gents, it seems to be that the feeling is mutual, as Borussia Dortmund striker Ciro Immobile told Radio Kiss Kiss in Naples that he'd love nothing more than to play for Napoli.

Immobile's season at Dortmund didn't go particularly well, though to be fair Dortmund's season as a whole went poorly and he was far from the only player to disappoint. Their issues seemed far more wide-spread and systemic than anything specific to Immobile, so it's very likely that a change of scenery would be beneficial for Immobile. To hear him tell it, he wants that scenery to be that of his home.

The experience with Borussia Dortmund hasn’t gone well, but it has still been good for me. Having an experience abroad in an important league like [the Bundesliga] was very important, as well as joining a team of champions.

It’s been a useful experience, irrespective of goals or appearances.

Would I go back to Italy? I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’d love to wear the Napoli shirt. I’ve said that several times.

That said, there are negotiations and contracts to respect. There are a lot of strong players at Napoli, and there would be a lot of competition, but it’s normal that a Neapolitan player like me would love to wear that blue shirt.

-Source: Football Italia

Immobile grew up just half an hour from the Stadio San Paolo in Torre Annunziata, and has never made his loyalty to Napoli a secret. He played his youth football for another local side in Sorrento before moving on to Juventus, though his best season came with another Turin side, winning the capocannoniere title as Italy's top goalscorer with Torino two seasons ago.

He also has a close friendship with another Naples local in Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne, dating back to when the pair took Serie B by storm with Pescara four seasons ago. He's said before that he'd love to play with Insigne again, and reiterated that desire at a later point in his Radio Kiss Kiss interview.

That interview was about as clear a "come and get me" plea as you'll find without the player actually saying those words. Napoli could definitely use Immobile, and they should definitely take steps to make his dream, and the dream of so many fans, come true.