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A quick programming note

As you've probably noticed, content has been a little sparse on the site this week. There's a reason for that: I'm moving to a new apartment this week. Unfortunately, the demands on my time between that and my writing commitments that pay my bills, there's been frustratingly little time to write here. That will, unfortunately, continue for a few more days before I can get back to my usual routine of spending unhealthy amounts of time parked in front of a screen reading and writing about Napoli.

On a related note, you may remember that some weeks back I opened up a call for interested writers and received a number of applications. Then no one new started writing here. That's not because I hated every single application -- quite the contrary, there's a number of them I'd love to bring on as soon as I can.

I just managed to pick what would wind up being an awful time to do something like that. My available time to do things like contact interested applicants and set up and train new writers has been at or near zero since about the day after I put out the call, and I had no way to see it coming. Not saying "it's all someone else's fault," because it's not, it's mine, but a reason for no one hearing from me about it had to be given.

So if you applied, don't worry about not having heard from me yet. I'm going to try to start contacting people next week once things have settled a bit.