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Marek Hamsik scores Napoli's first goal of the season

Napoli are on the board, and who else but the il capitano could get the job done?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

While the rest of the first half was mixed at best, Napoli fans were wildly celebrating just two minutes into the half of their season opener against Sassuolo when Marek Hamsik crashed the box and did this:

Funny how good things happen when you take the shacked off your best player and let him do the things that actually, you know, make him good. Rafa Benitez should take notes.

Napoli would give up that lead half an hour later thanks to a nice assist and some shoddy defending, and the score is 1-1 at halftime. No matter the result, though, no one is taking that goal away from Hamsik.