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WATCH: Jose Callejon scores an easy goal to give Napoli 1-0 lead over Cagliari

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

This isn't the fanciest goal Napoli have scored of late by any means, but given Jose Callejon's struggles over the last four months, it's most welcome.

Marek Hamsik set him up with a perfect defense-splitting pass right on to Callejon's feet, and Ziggy did the rest -- though he gave us all a moment of pause when the ball got stuck under his feet for a second. That didn't wind up mattering, though, as his shot wrong-footed Cagliari's goalkeeper, and Napoli had a 1-0 lead after 24 minutes.

It's Callejon's second goal in three matches after a goalless streak that stretched back to January, and he enjoyed a strong match against Wolfsburg at midweek, too. It sure looks like Ziggy is back and ready to dance.