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Report: Sinisa Mihajlovic leaving Sampdoria, could Napoli be hiring him?

Sampdoria's successful manager has decided he needs a new challenge

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

In the last 18 months, Sampdoria have enjoyed a lot of success. They currently sit fourth in Serie A, chasing a Champions League place alongside Napoli and are build with a strong, young squad that should be able to compete for some time to come.

Just one problem, though: their manager is leaving.

According to reports in Italy, Sinisa Mihajlovic has decided to leave the club when his contract expires at the end of this season. That instantly throws him in to contention for any job that's open this summer, a list that will probably include Napoli.

Of course, there's been reports in recent weeks of interest from AC Milan, as well as more recent -- and far more laughable -- reports that Manchester City might be in the mix as well. But Napoli have been showing interesting in Mihajlovic off and on all season, with reports coming back as far as Napoli's bad start to the season that Miha could be tapped to replace Rafa Benitez.

Now with Rafa Benitez looking fairly set to leave Napoli himself, this report likely shoots Mihajlovic to the top of the shopping list. Aurelio De Laurentiis and company may have other names they want more, but in terms of combining attainability and quality, it might be hard for Napoli to do a whole lot better than Miha.