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Ivan Strinic and Walter Gargano nearing return from injury

Two important cogs to Napoli's depth chart are almost ready to play again after missing almost a month with injury.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Napoli have had to suffer through a painful lack of depth thanks to injuries piled on top of various player suspensions this past month, but things are about to get better as two important players are back in practice and almost ready to return to the lineup.

Both Ivan Strinic and Walter Gargano have returned to training with the squad starting to reassemble at the Castelvolturno training ground, and both showed positive signs in their first runs with the team since early March. Gargano completed the full day's training session, while Strinic worked with the squad in the morning before being pulled aside for additional fitness recovery work in the afternoon.

Strinic hasn't played since the 2-2 draw with Inter on March 8th, and both in that match and the Torino bout before it, it seemed clear that he wasn't at 100%. His runs and passes lacked their usual sharpness, and he just wasn't as strong on the ball or marking his man as normal. Sure enough, he was eventually diagnosed with an abdominal muscle problem that's held him out since then.

Gargano has struggled with several different injuries this season, and it was another hamstring issue that's held him out this time. While the Uruguayan midfielder has only occasionally impressed this season and has often disappointed, Napoli still need him for depth if nothing else, as the squad's midfield pivot has been terrifyingly thin of late.

Napoli's next match is on Saturday, April 4th against Roma in Rome. That gives the pair four more days of training to try and get declared fit and ready to play. Hopefully both will be set to go and be able to help the team as the final stretch of the season looms.