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Edinson Cavani wants to return to Napoli - as long as Aurelio De Laurentiis is gone

A fan favorite is perfectly willing to come back to the club sooner rather than later. He just wants the owner gone first.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Every Napoli fan around fondly remembers the days of Edinson Cavani. For three glorious years, the Uruguayan striker lead Napoli's attack, his long hair streaming behind him as he charged up and down the pitch, making defenders look like fools and scoring a dizzying number of goals.

Then he left for Paris Saint-Germain, and everyone was sad. Make no mistake, Gonzalo Higuain has been very good, but he's never felt like our player the same way Cavani does. But there's good news! Cavani wants to come back some day!

I will always thank the teams I played for with great affection, but the three years at Napoli were truly splendid. The city gave me everything: name recognition, improvement, world fame. I feel so many sensations when I hear talk of Napoli.

Would I return? I did talk about it with my family and I really would love to come back one day.

-Source: Radio Sport 890 via Football Italia

There's a catch, though.

But only when the current President has gone.

I’ve always said that is my only condition. I have such strong feelings for the city that if I could return in a clear and decisive manner, I’d do so without thinking twice.


There were whispers of discontent between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Cavani when Napoli were trying to sign him to a new contract before settling on having to sell him in 2013, but Cavani's interview takes those whispers and turns them in to shouts. Cavani speaks of feeling disrespected throughout the process, of feeling like a political game piece rather than a human being. He didn't feel valued any more by those above him at Napoli, so leaving was the best thing for everyone.

But Cavani also spoke of how different and incredible the Napoli fanbase is, of their passion and drive and just how unique the experience of playing for them is. Cavani has given so much to this fanbase already, and he wants to give them more before he hangs up his boots.

Just not with De Laurentiis around.